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Singer Bich Phuong’s full name is Bui Thi Bich Phuong, a native of Quang Ninh. She was once in the top 7 of Vietnam idols in 2010. Famous for her pop ballads with sad tones, Bich Phuong has come closer to the audience through the compositions of Tien Cookie. Up to now, she has fought asserted herself with many different musical colors, let’s review the songs with her huge views with Tikibook!

  • Help me answer the questions
  • Deep inside me
  • Yes you go
  • That you’ll always be by my side
  • If happiness is not you
  • I want
  • Send me far away
  • Love Charms
  • Go swinging
  • When will you get married?
  • The old story is forgotten
  • Let’s love each other
  • A trick
  • I quit smoking
  • Can you guess

Help me answer the questions

Help me answer the questions is a familiar name and is definitely on the top of the list of people who are in love. The song is the hopeless sadness of the girl. I give my heart and love to the guy, but I have to witness the “kiss in the middle of the day” with my own eyes. However, the girl still longs for the guy to come back.

Although it is just a lyric video, on Bich Phuong’s youtube page, this song is still excellent, reaching more than 11 million views.

Help me answer the questions

Deep inside me

“Deep inside of you” is a song with a new sound in his musical steps. Unlike the songs mentioned above, Deep inside me has a more joyful sound, a faster music melody. Bich Phuong renews herself in both form and music, the MV scene is new and more stylish.

The love in me is foolish and foolish

I hope you are not indifferent

Let my heart not bring more broken

Sweet lips you give me words

That love is not far away

To lead warm bags along the same path

Deep inside I’m still a passionately in love girl but more optimistic and cheerful. This MV has been warmly received and supported by the audience with more than 7.6 million views.

Deep inside me

Yes you go

Some say, the reverse of love is not hatred but indifference. Indifference means that there is no position in the heart of the other person, nor do you want to think about that person anymore. Not hating more, not being able to love more, even less strength and affection with that person involved. Everything else is tasteless. Indifference is not not love, but because once loved. Bich Phuong has successfully expressed the mood of the girl who just broke up with her lover, even though tears are shed, she is still strong, only remembering and regretting old memories.

The song “Yes you go” released in 2015 has now reached more than 8.3 million views on youtube. The song is a sad love story of two people who no longer belong together.

Yes you goYes you go

That you’ll always be by my side

Released in 2015 “That I’ll Always Be With You” is inspired by the story between a sheep girl and a shepherd boy. The story is about a sheep girl who once met a boy who fell in love with him and prayed that one day she could become a human. Thanks to that intense love, she met the fairy who granted her wish to become a human. But the fairy, fearing the obsession in the sheep’s heart, swore that once they kissed, she would turn back into a sheep…

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In this MV, Bich Phuong appears with an idyllic, light-hearted beauty that is extremely attractive. The voice is smooth, conveys all the message the author wants to convey. Good plot idea, MV integrates beautiful scenery on hills and mountains, wild but full of magic. Up to now, Bich Phuong’s MV “That I’m Always With You” has reached more than 18 million views.

That you'll always be by my sideThat you’ll always be by my side

If happiness is not you

…Only dream that I can hold your hand full of love

I only dream that I can be with you on the road ahead

Was I wrong to give you all my heart

So now with the pain…

Is a lyric video with more than 14 million views. During her time in showbiz, Bich Phuong was always known as “sad face”, “8 meter long skirt”, “sad love story”. If happiness is not you, it is a confession of a girl’s intense but betrayed love. The girl was sincere and faithful to her lover, but received bitterness and still had to strongly break up for the good of both. With Bich Phuong’s sweet voice, the song has touched the hearts of many girls who share the same mood.

If happiness is not youIf happiness is not you

I want

Born in 2013 is one of Bich Phuong’s hit songs. This song also made netizens “crazy” when the lyrics in the song were shared the most on social networks. “The love is right or wrong, the most hurtful thing is still the girl”. The lyrics of the song seem to go into people’s hearts, comforting and comforting the pain of parting.

I want to be sad, to be the broken heart of a girl who loves passionately. Wishes are also memories that are too far away. That girl will strongly forget and wish happiness for the person she loves. This MV on Youtube has reached more than 8.5 million views so far.

I wantI want

Send me far away

Unlike previous heartbreakingly sad love songs, Send Me Away Remembers has a joyful and exciting sound. The MV tells the pure love story of a 14-year-old lady and her childhood friend. He went to her house to study with the teacher, who is also the girl’s father. Growing up together, the two had many memories, he taught her to study, write poetry, etc. As time passed, the boy was both a friend, a brother, and a teacher. After six years, the guy finished his studies and had to leave. The girl didn’t see her off and hid herself in the room he used to live in, when she flipped through the poetry book and saw her hairpin in his page, she realized her feelings and chased after him, but the boat had already left the harbor…

Bich Phuong shared, the story of Send him far away, which is reproduced in the MV, is the true story of her parents’ love in the past. Perhaps she was extremely impressed and happy when she released this MV. Currently Sending you far away, there are 78 million views on the youtube platform.

Send me far awaySend me far away

Love Charms

“Love Charm” is a composition by 3 music producers including Tien Cookie, Pham Thanh Ha, DuongK in the Pop genre. This is the first song in Vietnam to be produced in a group model – all three musicians participate in all stages such as creating the theme idea, composing music, lyrics and arranging. Not only possessing an ear-catching melody, “Bau Love” also impresses with new lyrics, a special way of drawing, and the technique of releasing words in line with Bich Phuong’s international music trends.

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In the MV, Bich Phuong appears with a charming and seductive image that is different from the pure and feminine image that is familiar to the audience so far. The content of the MV revolves around the love story of a Vietnamese girl (played by Bich Phuong) and a foreign guy who falls in love at first sight, a handsome male model Nhikolai Dinh.

MV Love Charm has a good combination of tradition and modernity. Currently, Love Charm has up to 125 million views. That’s a huge number.

Love CharmsLove Charms

Go swinging

After the release of “Swinging away” it only took 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach 1 million views, climbed to the top trending Youtube and received a lot of positive comments saying that this is the product with the sexiest image. So far of the original voice of Quang Ninh. Bich Phuong caused a fever in the online community with an epic MV with vibrant EDM music and bold images.

MV “Swinging away” is a sexy “showing off” part that is quite different from Bich Phuong’s previous products. The lyrics in the song, the thinking about making the content, the choreography, the ideas, the arrangement, etc. were open and seemed to catch up with the world trend. “Walk away” is not too outstanding, but it is clear that the bold, modern and open mindset of the crew that made this MV has created an attraction for viewers.

Continuously leading the top for a long time, up to now Bich Phuong’s MV has reached 93 million views.

Go swingingGo swinging

When will you get married?

Ever get married has become a craze in the music community on the occasion of the New Year 2017. MV Never got married marked Bich Phuong’s public change from “holy melancholy” to “holy swamp”. A series of immortal expressions of the female singer have become the lifelong photos of netizens. With her “muddy” personality, Bich Phuong constantly makes the online community laugh by sharing “unique” humor.

Bich Phuong also shared: “When recording this song, Phuong felt very excited. Now I want to close my eyes and see Tet right away! Phuong’s favorite story in the song is “abandoned old story”. because everyone must have missed out on bothering others once a year, right, but let’s just ignore it years have always worked hard, thank you everyone for always helping and laughing because we have done everything very well for the past year. Through this song, Phuong also wishes everyone a happy new year. I’m full of joy. Especially if I just smile for real, live happily, all luck will automatically come to me.”

Currently, the MV Never Get Married has reached more than 92 million views and seems to continue to increase every Tet to spring.

When will you get married?When will you get married?

The old story is forgotten

The old story is ignored is a music product combining BICH PHUONG and MIRINDA. This MV has quickly become a trend for the 2018 New Year. In the MV, Bich Phuong has a headache with trivial things, crying and laughing in the small neighborhood. Naughty kids, tough uncles, horrible aunts. Everything will be magically resolved by Miss Phuong thanks to the “reconciliation charm” and the melody in the MV “Forgotten old stories”.

Up to now, the MV “Old Story Ignore” has excellently reached more than 207 million views, which is a huge number in Bich Phuong’s MVs.

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The old story is forgottenThe old story is forgotten

Let’s love each other

Born in 2014 is also a composition by Tien Cookie with a different melody from many previous songs of Bich Phuong but caused a fever in the online community.

The song was uploaded right on valentine’s day with sweet and lovely lyrics that made the audience fall in love and topped the charts for many consecutive weeks. To date, the MV Let’s Love each other has more than 32 million views on the youtube platform.

Let's love each otherLet’s love each other

A trick

MV A trick is a very popular music product of Bich Phuong which was released on May 31, 2020. A trick is composed by Tien Cookie as the narrative of a girl who loves people. I love. The girl cherished her man, but in the end, she was betrayed: “When you touched her lips, did you hesitate / Do you hesitate or remember forever / Answer what perfume smells like between us / You gave me your heart why did you give me a trick.”

With this love triangle content, if it belongs to the pop-ballad genre, the song is easy to feel sad, even melancholy. However, thanks to the color of electropop mixed with chill, the song becomes catchy and pleasant. Up to now, Bich Phuong’s MV A trick has reached more than 39 million views on the YouTube platform.

A trickA trick

I quit smoking

On May 17, Bich Phuong officially released the MV “Have you given up smoking yet” composed by Tien Cookie. After just over 2 hours of release, this song quickly rose to the Top #1 of Vietnamese iTunes chart. With a professional and elaborate handling, Bich Phuong performed this song with a soft, magical tone full of mood.

MV Have you given up smoking has drawn listeners into the conversation of two people with mixed emotions but very attractive. Up to now, the MV has exported more than 53 million views and is still loved by the audience.

I quit smokingI quit smoking

Can you guess

On the evening of May 26, 2020, Bich Phuong released the MV “Do you guess” – the 5th product in the album “Emotion station” of 1989s Entertainment. Bich Phuong’s team has combined many elements to help her create an interesting dance pop work.

Right from the beginning of promotion, Ekip skillfully used creativity and fun when producing a video lyrics that Google sister read for me. And when MV Quiz You Guess was officially released, it was like a blockbuster that satisfied all the hopes of music lovers. Up to now, the MV “Do you guess” has reached more than 7.4 million views on the YouTube platform.

Can you guessCan you guess

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