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BILLIONoh Whether Prepare lesson Consolidate, expand page 47 Literature class 6 Brief, detailed 28 Page answer the questions according to the lesson progress: before reading, during reading and after reading in the textbook of Grade 6 Literature, Volume 2 of the book Connecting knowledge to life.

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Consolidate and expand page 47

1 (page 47 of Textbook of Literature 6, volume 2):






Conflicts in the family, society,



Front (good, good) and antagonist (bad, evil)



Linear chronological order, causality between events.



– Usually begins with words indicating space, time is not defined.

– There are many different versions.


Fantasy element

Appears quite a lot.

2 (page 48 of Textbook of Literature 6, volume 2):


– Song of Sanh San Ly Thong (Duong Thanh Bach):

Thinking in fairy tales of the past

Hiding the moral who has not revealed?

That being dishonest people,

Trick people who betray you to find a way to honor yourself.

Wealth is obtained near by,

Later, the retribution received the calamity.

Honest and kind people,

Help people who are not afraid to take risks

There’s no need to compare with cowardice,

Peace of mind is free from death.

An old story in Cao Binh district

Thach Lao and his wife were late born to the lineage,

To the West, to the East,

The multiplication, the meaning is not heavy.

The sound of goodness echoes far and wide,

If Ngoc Hoang hears it, it must be a predestined root.

Let the Crown Prince transmit that

Reincarnated to a positive place to help people.

Talking about Old Lady Thach

The other day he heard an abnormality in his body.

The new chief judge revealed:

That is waiting for children to join the family line.

The sun has just risen in the east,

Dew drops of rose petals show off,

The sound of the forest creaking through the crevices,

The clear stream is undulating with butterflies flying.

The forest wind is eager to shake the trees,

The grass is green with long strands of sunlight.

Dear God, enlighten me,

The old Thach couple bowed in gratitude.

Formal tray in the middle of the yard

A pair of young chickens, a bottle of good wine.

Sincerely the smoke emits a faint scent

The sacred forest waits for the sound of crying children.

Winter fades and spring passes quickly

Summer has just reduced the heat abundantly in the old autumn.

Round five, press the finger to count

The abdomen is pregnant with an unborn child.

The gossiper, the sarcastic

That is where the human skeleton is!

Words are like hammers and hammers,

In sorrow, in confusion.

What a cruel mouth of life

The cause has not been revealed, ridiculed and ridiculed.

Sorrows hang heavy on the shoulders,

Thach Ong is exhausted for a long time.

Those who go to vent their sorrows,

The rest of us carry the burden of all kinds of things.

The old mirror is covered with noise

Because of what has not yet shown the price of chaos.

One body returned to the wild forest

The sprouts are cherished and protected by thousands.

Fall-winter to spring-summer,

Two loops now listen to overflow.

The flowers of the forest carry the scent of the wind,

The sun shines through the leaves, the more ambiguous the landscape is.

The bright cloud at the top,

Iridescent colors in the middle of the aura.

The songbird sings the lantern

The sacred forest echoes the cries of children.

Three years of raising a dream

As long as you hear the child’s voice, long drops of bewilderment.

Crying people in the arena

The spirit of heaven blesses a son to become a man.

Agarwood incense, thank God

The child is handsome like a person from above.

Thach Sanh took the word for the name

A mother’s love is engraved with a solid record.

Go around ten springs

Thach Ba also left the underworld.

How many years of motherly love

Three feet away from depressed, depressed soil

Autumn leaves are tinged with enough gold

The autumn wind sows a rain of yellow leaves.

The green grave is covered with fallen leaves

The green heart of a child continues to be helpless.

A tent by the stream of dreams

Roots protect childhood day by day

Rough ax one in hand

Safely looking for firewood, the days go by quickly.

The other day, I don’t know from where,

An old man with gray hair,

Lost my way through refuge,

Martial arts are passed on, military poetry teaches words.

Truly a heavenly general

Jade Emperor sent down to help Thach Sanh.

Born in an elite time,

More hard work, faster progress.

A profound martial arts body,

Another spell of torrential rain.

Speaking of a villager,

Name Thong surname Reason always deceives life,

The ears atrophied, the face drooped with teeth,

Eel eyes glint with an uneasy smile.

The other day on the crossroads

Original multi-shade wind overflowing high clouds.

Stop for a while to rest,

From afar, the woodcutter’s shadow can be seen at the end of the road.

Horizontal shoulders, straight back, tight skin

It is estimated that the health must be equal to ten people.

Quick thinking, instant plot,

There is this person who helps in favorable times.

Lan la tries to please

The story of the country, the story, the story of the outside.

That I just met a crush

Make a fraternal relationship every day.

Thach Sanh is familiar with the deep forest

Straight in the deep calculation is unpredictable.

In the middle of the forest mixed with smoke and incense

The high heavens testify to the brotherhood.

Love grass banyan tree

Farewell to the meaning of a single family.

Ly family in a far away town

The house specializes in wine distillery, selling near and far.

Thach Sanh is here to help

How many heavy things one body can’t do.

How many times can you be happy

Thach Sanh just came to know what happened.

The beginning of the village is not far away

A small temple is also the root cause

Originally there was an ogre

After years of practicing pure magic,

Go to the village to harass many times

Getting people to eat meat will not wear out.

The village allowed to build a temple of convenience

Every year a tribute to a ransomer’s life.

Houses turn by session

This time the Ly family came to sacrifice.

Ly Thong has a poor heart

Before the hour of death, all sorrows.

Stormy weather leads to showers

Your mother’s tears are like falling rain.

In the midst of an instant life and death

Loa plans to borrow a substitute.

Delicious party is available in the yard

Delicious wine in turn graciously poured.

That is fraternal fellowship

Love is like a flood of water.

Now the batch of wine is coming

Tonight he had to look after the village shrine.

Talking about work is also easy,

On behalf of me, I am very grateful.

Born that how much is it worth,

Brothers and sisters support what to do!.

After saying that, I immediately turned around

Ly Thong gently pulled the lead from his feet.

It is true that, after being considerate,

Deep conspiracy waiting for a real life loss

Fraudsters talk and smile

The sword in the stomach kills people like playing.

Dark clouds roll across the sky,

The shrine has fallen leaves by the way up,

Mossy walls covered all four sides,

Spiders spread, ie gas rushed to the sky.

Thach Sanh did not have time to rest

Quickly clean up the place to lie down.

In the afternoon, the sky suddenly turned dark

Thunderstorms brought heavy rain.

Deep dreams in the sky

Flowers spread and butterflies flutter beautifully in spring colors.

Suddenly I heard a noise outside

The floor shook with heavy footsteps.

Late night wake up again

Big head, pointed ears, protruding lips, dark eyes,

Long nails, hard scales on the body

The ogre just appeared instantly.

Mouth growling, hissing

Aim for the sacrificer to come forward immediately.

Long claws swinging up

Straighten your arms down towards the side.

Thach Sanh glimpsed clearly

Take a quick step back to get out of the way.

Quickly blow a few axes

The ogre resisted a few parts.

Truly indistinguishable talent

Tiles pour dust and rustle in the wind.

Both sides are full of magic

Calling rain to call the wind and fire to cover up.

Thach Sanh described sudden conflict

The ax hit the lottery with the goblin.

The ogre had to show his original form

A large snake threw itself around.

How to get rid of Thach Sanh?

The head was thrown to one side and the body was to one side.

Suddenly in the corner appeared

A bow with golden arrows.

Carrying the head of the octopus, swinging the bow

Watch three turns to step up to the dowry.

Let’s talk about Ly Thong

After a trick in the heart,

It’s raining and windy at night

Suddenly, I heard someone calling my name.

A blast of cold air

Back numb, knees bent, thunder in the ears

“Worrying soul revenge this phen

Receiving him three prostrations soothes my heart”

Thach Sanh just went inside

Looking through the scene in a dumbfounded heart.

Obviously I’m alive

Why do you pray like you just met a ghost?

Bring a new story to tell

Li Information seven doubts three also,

Reach out to try Thach Sanh

It’s clear that people here know how to live well

More hand-held snake heads

It’s true, it’s not a lie.

Ly Thong is truly perfect

Remember the edict that rewards killing

Make a shocked face

“This time, the flesh is broken and the bones are broken.

This item belongs to the foster king

Where did you accidentally break the law?

Have to find a place far away

Hide and wait for this deadline to pass.”

Thach Sanh turned and walked away

Back to the deep forest of my childhood days.

The stream banyan tree waits

Green forest, silver tents at that time

Deep conspiracy to get first

Going to the palace of the Ly family, they offered their heads to the public.

Rear Admiral advance

The glorious road of Ly Thong had a time.

Laughing deep in the stomach

Talent that is outspoken in life is thrown away.

How difficult is it to get promoted?

Curving your back is nothing more than a mouthful.

There is a pearl princess

The age of the moon is like a flower on a branch

The joy of sparkling water

The sad look of the wind ripples and falls.

How many people are easy to find in the world?

At first glance, I saw the spirit of the frenzy.

It’s time to choose the army

The high tower sows the charm of the part of the good luck.

Crown Prince inside and out

People jostled under the platform waiting for fate.

Above, gracefully like a fairy

The wind hugs the silk curtain with soft wings.

Suddenly the sky turned dark

Umbrellas obscured under the wings of flight

Eagle just passed

Passing by and snatching people right on the radio.

Suddenly, there was no time to turn back

The king heard the story of his limbs falling off

Sent the admiral to deliver the word

Immediately save the princess promised to marry.

Li Thong is very confused

More happy and afraid that the army is difficult to succeed.

Poor talent must have

Thach Sanh sought comfort and help.

Wrong display of festivals among the people

Singing, dancing, and searching for clues.

From the day I returned to the green forest

Thach Sanh is happy with the fresh wind and clear clouds

No worries in my heart

One day I sat and watched the clouds in the sky.

From afar a swift bird

Spread wide wings rushing over

Underneath the silk fluttering body is

The figure looks like a girl.

Let go of the arrow and fly away

One left wing was immediately seriously injured.

Eagle swooping down on the side of the road

Withdrawing the name does not have time to heal the wound

Hurry up princess run away

Thach Sanh followed the blood trail into the deep cave.

Ten days of the festival pass quickly

Ly Thong was worried and crumpled his intestines and liver.

Afternoon, the shadow of the driver is tilted horizontally

Unseen clues are even more confusing.

Suddenly I see a familiar shadow

Thach Sanh stands at the end of the line.

Joy is like catching gold

Immediately came to inquire and coax.

Thach Sanh hasn’t finished his poverty yet

Why is the surname Li crowned like this?

Long story will be explained later

Now it’s time to save the job right away.

Thach Sanh tells the story of the eagle

Ly Thong happily pulled his troops away.

Time to lead the way

To the place where the mountains grow together with the clouds.

The road to the top is full of rocks

Wilderness, scorching sun, no more trees.

The mouth of the cave is in the middle of the mountain

Deeply sucks tired eyes look.

At a glance, I felt frustrated

The military officer cowered in fear and did not dare to enter.

Swing from above

Thach Sanh cleverly nestled into the cave.

Find the way around

The eagle was just seen lying in recovery.

Behind a lady’s shadow

His expression was sullen and seemed to be suffering.

Thach Sanh hides behind

Wait for her to come and whisper.

The anesthetic is ready

Mix in the drink for her to offer.

The eagle is absorbed in the drug and fades away

The princess’s heart overflowed abnormally

Thank you brave warrior

Risking life to save lives disregarding danger.

When Ngoc Khue opens the door of spring,

Deep love engraved with durable mind.

Front zipper loop up

Congratulations to the pearl princess peace.

Thach Sanh waits for his turn

Suddenly, the cave suddenly became dark.

The number is wrong take the insert stone

Ly Thong is cruel and harms people.

One is the robbery done

The second is to destroy the defense of the ancient era.

Thach Sanh blocked the way out

Think of your heart to be honest and true!

Who is a sage warrior?

Who is fraternally considerate before and after?

Hidden behind sweet honey

The sword that conceals the spear conceals an unpredictable plot.

Stuck in the same situation

Thach Sanh swings his hammer to find a way to escape.

Eagle awakes tranquilizer

Heard somewhere in the cave people invaded.

Originally a highly talented demon

Serious injury, where is the strength of ten?

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