Ở đây có cap lạnh lùng tê buốt tâm can, nhói tim người đọc và cực ‘ngầu’

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(Tran Hung Dao High School) – There are sayings that make us sad and happy all day and there are also cold captions that make the heart ‘freeze’ and ache.

  1. What is Cap?
  2. Cap is cold in love
  3. Cool cap for women
  4. Cool cap for boys
  5. Cap is cold in life
  6. Cold Hat
  7. Cap coldly listens

Words are the masters of emotions, with just a brief message, an article that touches the reader’s heart, we have experienced the most authentic emotions. Sweet caps make us happy, funny caps make us happy and with these cool captions below, our hearts will race with mixed emotions.

1. What is Cap?

Not only with a cool hat but a good cap also makes us interesting. So what is a cap? With the current teen trend, the term cap is quite familiar, used by teenagers a lot on social networks, especially Facebook.

When posting photos on any platform, we all want viewers to understand its content, so usually below the image there is a small line with the content usually quite brief and complete. enough information but the poster wants to convey, that is the cap. Cap is now understood as a form of caption to support meaning to help people better understand the content of a photo or video.

What is Cap?

Another interpretation of the cap is the status lines expressing the feelings of the poster. On most social networking sites, a Facebook cap is simply a saying, a coincidental comment on a photo or a certain post, sometimes a cap is a funny saying, prank Others has great power to convey to the audience.

Currently, with the growth of social networks, a large number of users, with a short sentence, whether it is a cold cap or a cold cap, a loving cap… but catching up with the trend has become a catchphrase. , successful. youth movement. Therefore, many people always have a headache thinking to get beautiful, fancy and attractive cap caps.

Similar to this can answer the question what is cap? Cap is actually an acronym for caption, which means a note, subtitle or explanation about something or sometimes just a status line expressing emotions.

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2. Cap is cold in love

Love is a magical song with mixed emotions, sometimes warm and warm, sometimes cold and distant. With these cool hats we will see many colors of love.

  1. Coldness is the biggest barrier in love, it can cut the bond of affection at any time.
  2. Loving each other is like holding hands and wading against a strong current, it’s very, very difficult, just let go, the water will wash away, there’s no way to hold hands again.
  3. Indifference is a sharp “knife” that can end all relationships.
  4. When the fate is over, the debt is gone, even though they are in the same city, breathing the same air, but meeting each other is not easy.
  5. The coldest is not the winter that brings snow, but the heartlessness and coldness of the person you always cherish.
  6. In love, if there is a cold, heartless person, that love will not be happy and lasting.
  7. If interested, at the bottom of a bitter cup of coffee are sweet sugar grains and behind a sweet love are very bitter heartbreaks!

  1. Because the earth is round, love each other and then come back together. People still say that.
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Then suddenly realized that belief and practice are not the same.

The earth is round but the circle is too big. Not all love goes all the way.

  1. Long distance love is painful, but loving cold, heartless people is even more painful.
  2. Better to be happy alone than to love a cold person.
  3. As the saying goes “There is no heartlessness in this world, it’s just that their attention is not directed at you”.
  4. We let go of each other’s hands, the next day we will meet again coldly. Memories of that year are like the wind blowing clouds.
  5. In love, as long as one person is heartless, it will be like a poison that causes that love to die slowly, dying over time. Therefore, cherish your love because meeting someone who truly loves you is not easy.
  6. Some things fail because God is protecting me.
  7. Time can change a lot of things, such as people, but you always consider them as a soulmate, many years later, when you meet again, you can only smile politely. There are many things that, as long as time passes, are left behind.

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3. Cool cap for little girls

As a fragile and vulnerable girl, she tries to act cold in front of many people to protect her weak heart. There are girls’ cold sayings that hurt others, but there are also cold captions that make readers melt.

65 great hats to match any style 3

  1. In fact, I don’t intend to love you the same way, so you don’t need to be cold to me in the same way.
  2. My brother’s world never had a chance to enter even a single step. My world invited him in, but he just refused, bluntly, coldly and extremely decisively.
  3. I don’t like people who are cold to me but I like people who are cold to others because of me
  4. My mistake was to give you love. And my mistake is to lose a lover like you.
  5. People who are single and hurt for a long time, even when they are happy, they still feel insecure. Because more than anyone else, they are the ones who really understand the saying: “Nothing in this world is forever…!”.
  6. That’s me, if you don’t love, let go, don’t hold on to torment, don’t mourn and linger. People say I’m cold, but I don’t care as long as I’m happy.
  7. All rumors out there are for reference only. I don’t like it, so don’t refer.
  8. Don’t be cold baby

The old story is over

The person who was with the new person

I must be happy.

  1. You are beautiful and lovely

Confident and radiant

So do you go or stay?

What does it mean to me?

  1. I want to forget people, but I am afraid of people forgetting me.

4. Cool cap for boys

If you are a cold guy, these must be cool captions for you.

  1. The person who left in a wet rainy afternoon, later whether I still love that person or not, I will still be the one to go and not come back.
  2. There is no shortcut to forget someone. You will have to learn to endure each day, until you no longer remember them.
  3. Living in relief, coldly smiling, indifferent to pain, peaceful in emotions.
  4. When you see that you have no place to stand, be cold, quiet and leave.
  5. You can give up on me, but I can’t give up my dignity.
  6. As a man, be brave and strong, let go of the past and move on, because this life is full of precious things.
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65 great hats to match any style 4

  1. The street that year was called the old street, the shop that year was called a roadside shop, and the people that year called it a lost person. I am now the me of the wind and dew.
  2. Rain on the first day of winter

He said it was “fate”.

I hope I still love you

The wind carried me away.

  1. Drink alcohol to drown out the sadness. Doubtless sadness can also swim.
  2. There are people who don’t love me but still keep ambiguous relationships. Until they find the right person, they will forget you but have no regrets…

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5. Cap is cold in life

In life, it is inevitable that we humans become cold to each other or we want to be cold to the whole world. If you are looking for good life quotes that suit your mood, these will be quite appropriate choices.

65 great hats to match any style 5

  1. At a certain age, one can do nothing but be quiet. Sorrow is silent, pleasure is also silent. Sometimes I just want to sit in a familiar corner of the shop, seeing that every suffering is as light as a cloud. Life is single forever.
  2. In this world, the most hated thing is silence, the most frightening thing is indifference and coldness.
  3. People often use silence to express their downfall. The outside is calm, there is no ashes on the inside.
  4. When others say that you are always calm and indifferent, only you know, how many tears your calmness and indifference have changed; The calm waves of the sea at this moment have been drowned by many waves. All the failures and pain, all the experiences in life are me forging you. Don’t say the years are cruel, in fact they are very gentle to you…
  5. Keep yourself a cool head, a hot heart so as not to carry much pain in the midst of a world full of humiliation.
  6. Perhaps a person’s biggest disappointment is this: I don’t want to tell you anything about me anymore. Similar to yours, I don’t want to understand at all.
  7. At first we didn’t know each other, and in the end we didn’t meet again.
  8. human life is impermanentLife is short, the globe is full of good things. Live with what you like, no matter how messy life is.
  9. The sky is clear, the clouds are clear, the hearts of people have rain.
  10. The earth is round but the heart has facets.

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6. Cool cap

These will be cool hats with “quality like distilled water” but you can refer to and share them on social networking sites to present your coolness and create your own cool features.

  1. My life was quiet, empty, indifferent and denied all attention. This world calls me a cold-hearted person.
  2. I have never had the opportunity to step into your world even one step. And my world is always open to welcome him in, but he always refuses.
  3. Everyone wants to be cared for, pampered and protected. But not everyone is the same.
  4. Silence is the most cruel thing in the world. It makes us sad, makes us sad.
  5. I know you like me, but sorry I don’t know love yet.

65 great hats to match any style 6

  1. Those who hand-painted flowers and leaves, I accidentally thought it was spring.
  2. I really forgot about you, not even a little bit. The anniversary of that year followed me to the distant sky. A little nostalgia does not linger in me.
  3. Cold is not emotionless. Toughness means love. Smiling in the heart is so warm. Similarly, after flirting, you will definitely fall in love.
  4. There are people who have not betrayed you once in their life, there are also people who have betrayed you from time to time.
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The person who loved me in flesh and blood soon left me, but I still resent the love that is always around me.

Do people like you really deserve to be happy?

  1. People only love roses, if you are a wildflower, be beautiful in your own way. Standing firm in the storm doesn’t need a hand to hold. You are just the most beautiful.

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7. Cap is cool and flirty

Hey girls, if you want to relax but still keep your cool, individually, here are the coolest cap designs just for you.

  1. Don’t hurt others because of your coldness… just be carefree, a bright smile always blooms on your lips.
  2. I can be cold to the whole world but not to you.
  3. If you’re in love, don’t be careless. Because indifference hurts more than rejection.
  4. People say I don’t care but I only care about you.
  5. Indifference is a barrier to happiness, causing any love to come to a dead end. If you love me, please don’t be careless.
  6. The globe says you’re cold as a rock, but I’ll make you melt.
  7. As long as you nod to love me, this coldness will cost you a lifetime.
  8. Building up the cold, arrogant long thought to avoid the net of people. The moment I met your eyes, my petrified heart suddenly became soft.
  9. I’m speechless, sorry I don’t know why.
  10. You may not take the initiative, but when I take the initiative, can you respond a bit?

65 great hats to match any style 7

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We always try to be cool, but not many people understand inside. These cool hats not only show your heart but also make you really impressive in the eyes of people.


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