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The most interesting fruit puzzles with answers for children

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Fruit quizzes with answers are the most interesting for children – (Tran Hung Dao High School) – Fruit quizzes are one of the most interesting ways to teach children how to identify and distinguish between fruits and vegetables. different types of fruit. Let’s find out interesting fruit quizzes through the article below.

  1. Fruit quizzes
  2. The most interesting fruit quizzes
    1. Egg puzzle
    2. Puzzles about oranges
    3. Banana puzzle
    4. Puzzle about the mango
    5. Puzzle about watermelon
  3. Other fruit and fruit tree puzzles with answers

Children are like bamboo shoots on a branch, they always need the guidance and guidance of adults to be able to understand more about the vast world around them. So first, let’s teach them about delicious but small fruits that they can still eat every day through these fun fruit puzzles.

1. Fruit quizzes

Fruit puzzles are always very diverse and rich, each fruit has many different ways to describe and imagine for children to understand. You can change these fruit puzzles every day while feeding, helping your child gain awareness of both the meanings and images of fruits. Fruit puzzles not only help children identify their favorite foods, but also help enhance their imagination and intelligence. Save these fruit quizzes right away to love and learn with your kids every day.

Question 1: What fruit is at the top, not a well dug, but with clear water?



Question 2: What fruit is ripe and red. The skin has many thorns. The intestines bring sticky rice to eat.


Gac fruit

Question 3: The skin is rough like a jackfruit, but the fruit is smaller. The fragrance spreads to the sky. Only the South has what is the fruit?



Question 4: The fruit has the same name of the animal. It is named ‘Heaven’. It’s both sour and sweet. It’s only in the South! What is the fruit?


Toad fruit

Question 5: The name sounds neither lacking nor superfluous. What is the fruit that is both nutritious and sweet?



Question 6: Hundred small eyes around me. Green hair with the shape of a sword What is the fruit?


Pineapple or pineapple

Question 7: What kind of fruit is smooth, round, and full of milk, delicious and sweet?


Results of breast milk

Question 8: The child wears blue The old man dyes the city red.Whoever wears red can go to dinner.Whoever wears blue has to stay at homeWhat is the fruit?


Chili Peppers

Question 9: The name must be called twice. Looks like a hedgehog, looks like a porcupine What is the fruit?



Question 10: The blue skin is interrupted. Famous for being famous Many people still appreciate that it is delicious?



Question 11: Fragile flowers with fresh purple color. Ripe fruit near and near hills near and far.


Myrtle fruit

Question 12: Toad skin, but wrapped with chicken eggs, adds a delicious aroma, the whole family wants to eat What is the fruit?


Jack fruit

Question 13: Chickens don’t lay on trees But why do trees get excited Eggs don’t have whites Only yolks Mother hens don’t have to hatch Eggs ripened by the sun What is the fruit?


Chicken egg or le-ki-ma

Question 14: What kind of fruit smells good to the nose. Golden skin like silk Co Tam from the past came out of that fruit?


Fruit market


Question 15: The intestines are as white as flour. Sprinkle with black sesame seeds. Wear a red and pink shirt. Green hair. What is the fruit?


Dragon fruit

Question 16: Black seeds are like eyes. Sweet pulp is like alum sugar Fragrance like honey What is the fruit, say the name?



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Question 17: What is the fruit that is neither lacking nor superfluous?



Question 18: What kind of fruit is like a bell? White, green, red, crunchy pulp?


Vermicelli or plum

Question 19: What fruit is like a green ball Swinging on a branch waiting for the Mid-Autumn Festival?



Question 20: What kind of fruit has many eyes When ripe, the intestines are white and smooth, and the seeds are black and branching?


Custard apple

Question 21: When the birds call the flock, it is the season of ripe and red fruits in our hometown. What is the fruit?


Litchi fruit

Question 22: What fruit is usually on the rig. Each ripe bunch is full of the letter o?



Question 23: When she grew up, she wore a yellow and lemon shirt. In the past, the gentle Miss Tam sent her body What was the fruit?


Fruit market

Question 24: What is this small fruit? In the middle of the sky, there is a puddle of water. The fish can’t come.



Question 25: What is the name of the fruit like a flower. When ripe, it is as red as vermilion?




Question 26: There is a yellow smell, auBirds do not eat the promised fruit after paying the gold. What is the fruit?


star fruit

Question 27: What kind of fruit are small, sour and sour lanterns hanging in the garden?


The fruit

Verse 28: The fruit and leaves are sour, but it’s not exaggerated. The name sounds bad, and the writing is bad.



Question 29: River water does not come Sea water does not come How can there be water Fish cannot live.



Verse 30: My hometown is on high.He cut out the intestines, the water gushed out. The intestines during the time of raising the body. The shells of work, the water in the cradle.



Question 31: What fruit contains the seed of the night, when the skin is ripe, it contains the sun?


Gac fruit

Verse 32: The flesh inside is white, the skin outside is green. When a child sleeps on a branch, when he is old, he opens his eyes – turning into a good achievement.


Custard apple

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2. Fruit quizzes are the most interesting

In the generation of young bamboo shoots, the children began to have their own perception and style, through which the tastes of each child were gradually created.

Among them, most of the children are interested in delicious and familiar fruits such as eggs, oranges, bananas… Parents can let their children choose the fruits themselves, but they are interested, and at the same time teach them Learn how to distinguish these fruits through these figurative and extremely cute fruit puzzles

2.1 Puzzle about the egg

1. The white jar contains yellow fish sauce, when it’s time to open it again to eat What is it?

2. Cool, it’s liquid, When it’s hot, it’s frozen,

3. One belly but two hearts, One body but two large and small areas What is it?

4. Unripe but not green. Not growing on branches is considered fruit – What is it?


5. Also called eggs, but they don’t hatch. When they’re ripe, they’re golden, and they’re delicious. What’s the fruit?

6. What fruit does the yolk not come from flowers Its mother is a chicken Gives us a lot of protein?



2.2 Puzzles about oranges

1. What fruit is yellow and green, it’s very sweet to eat, and cool to drink. It’s more delicious than a lemon What is a fruit?

2. Round like the letter O, Bigger than a chicken egg, Eaten and still feel fragrant, Or pressed to make juice, What is the fruit?

3. What fruit has many slits, sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, sometimes resigned but eat?

4. The inside is sweet, the outside is fragrant. The center of the earth is full of shrimps, the skin is yellow and full of heat?

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5. Skin full of acne, full of heat. The intestines are full of shrimp and shrimp. Big and small. Eat when sweet, when sour?

6. What good fruit to bring as a gift. Visiting friends when sick?

7. Yellow contains white bags. White bags contain yellow shrimp. Eat shrimp but don’t roast Eat white bags, the yellow taste is discarded.

8. Same family as grapefruit with lemon, But eat sweet, cool, clean part more? What is the fruit?



2.3 Banana puzzle

1. What kind of fruit is curved? Arranged in a bunch.

2. One mother but gave birth to a hundred children Trying to feed a hundred children On the full moon day of the moon, people can smoke incense and lie on high?

3. What kind of fruit has a bright yellow skin? The intestines are sweet and delicious. Everyone loves it. Only the bad boys. Exam season is very scared and worried about – What is it?

4. With biceps, Lying at the Buddha’s table, the gong drums three times, and the shirt is pulled off. What is it?

5. When he was young, he wore a blue shirt. When he was old, he wore a yellow shirt. Smooth white skin. Put together in one place, dear harmony – What is the fruit?

6. I’m as curved as a scorpion, One hundred guests parked day and night. What is the fruit?

7. Closed and nestled, standing on the edge of the ditch. Fruit filled the chamber, stacked twice. What is the fruit?

8. Many long, curved fruits Arranged in a basket Arranged in chambers When ripe, fragrant, delicious, delicious, what kind of fruit?



2.4 Mango puzzle

1. In the outer hair is as smooth as wiping The middle piece of meat has a fragrant aroma?

2. Can you guess who it is? My mother at home goes out to the market. Spending without counting money Rumored all over the region?

3. Floating full of high branches Heard the name thought to fall to the black ground?

4. You are a delicious fruit I don’t know if I’m still after eating it?

5. In the outer hair is as smooth as a wipe. The meat in the middle has a fragrant aroma?



2.5 Watermelon puzzle

1. My hometown was in the remote An Tiem island at that time as a gift to the king. What was the fruit?

2. What kind of fruit is like a piglet. Green skin, red intestines, sweet and delicious when old, eat and miss many people far away. There was a prince who found this breed?

3. What fruit is red?

4. The outside wears a blue shirt, The inside is all red, Born with a small flock, Each child is black What is the fruit?


5. What fruit is green, the inside is pink What is the fruit?

6. Ever wandered far away, the inside is red inside, the outside is green skin What is the fruit?

7. Green skin, red flesh, black seeds, yellow flowers and leaves, what fruit is it? What fruit is it?

8. Remembering from the time when King Hung, An Tiem broke the land of thousands of distant islands, Waves gave precious fruits as gifts, The heart is fragrant, The king’s father regrets What is the fruit?

9. Big round fruit, green and green skin, Cool red inside, cool, small black seeds, eat to quench thirst, guess it’s fun

10. In addition to the blue in the red, pink and pink, the king loves it, the mother-in-law also loves it. In the summer there are many people to cherish, in the winter there are many people to guide us.

11. A fairy tale about you, A faithful night even though your father is King, Catching him wandering in a far away island

12. My skin is like autumn lake water, My heart is like the ink that you give me ten points, My seeds are shiny black, My intestines are sweet and cool, people like to eat them.

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13. What fruit is green with red skin – What is it?



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3. Other fruit and fruit tree puzzles with answers

Thanks to trees, we can have delicious and cool fruits to enjoy every day. In the fruit contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients to help replenish energy and increase resistance for children.

When feeding children fruit, you must have heard many times when children ask: “Parents, where did this fruit come from?” isnt it right? At such times, use the fruit quizzes with answers below to help children better understand interesting fruits, thereby helping them understand where the fruit comes from and the fruit tree. What shape will it be?

1. Raise the flag on the head. Not old enough to have a lot of beard. Old and withered, the flag is drooping. Each row of white teeth is arranged evenly. – What tree is it?


Corn (corn)

2. The mother gave birth to a child in the shade of the shade. The mother gave birth to a child in the middle of summer. Now happy and happy, Mother advised me to stay, I returned to my hometown. – What tree is it?


Banana tree

3. He looked like he was close to his eyes. Why did the brother make an unusual sacrifice? Chop off the connection of the family’s career. Treat yourself to the countryside. – What tree is it?



4. Unmarried mother raising children under her heelsI rely on my mother’s shade. When it’s time to enjoy boats, I stay, mom returns to my hometown – What tree is it?


Coconut tree

5. A tree that’s one foot tall. There’s a pool of water. No birds can drink it. – What kind of tree is it?


Coconut tree

6. Cam card standing in the field. Having a reputation for having a husband but suffering from injustice. Blame someone for taking the card back to the village. Small children flock to eat together – What tree is it?



7. The number of zones is equal to the number of stars. In the fairy tale who can guess. – What tree is it?


Starfruit tree

8. Green trees are also green, Blooming white flowers to please him. Fruits of food are impatient and hot, with two rows of red eyes. – What tree is it?



9. The fruit grows on all four sides. Green on top and bottom. Listen to the name. No shortage or excess. – What tree is it?


Papaya tree

10. In the middle of winter, I thought that the dust was scrubbing The end of winter, the flowers bloomed in a bright pink color. – What tree is it?


Peach tree

Using fruit quizzes is a very fancy, easy-to-remember way of teaching that can also create excitement in your child’s learning and learning about the world around him. Hopefully, with these extremely friendly and interesting fruit puzzles, you and the children will have useful hours of fruit learning and fun.


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