Mlem mlem là gì? Cách dùng mlem mlem sao cho chuẩn

Recently, when surfing through pictures of attractive boys and girls on Zalo or Facebook, we often see a lot of people commenting “mlem mlem…” or sending a GIF of “mlem mlem…” Women have become a hot trend. Vietnamese young people use ice commonly. So let’s go to Trường THCS – THPT Âu Lạ to find out what Mlem mlem is and the true meaning of this interesting hot trend!

What is Mlem mlem?

For those who do not regularly use social networks or the middle-aged generation, surely many people understand the meaning of the word mlem? In fact, mlem mlem (pronounced similarly to Mm-m-lem-m-lem) is derived from the cat’s voice when it comes to seeing delicious food, which is an act of pleasure.

The word “mlem mlem” is similar to the word “ble ble” to stop acting, sticking out your tongue to tease someone or similar to the word “loose”. Specifically, the word “mlem mlem” is used to express a happy emotion or a humorous compliment. Mlem Mlem also means creatively “Want to lick you” because she has both kept the sense of spontaneity and also expressed the meaning of transformation that does not represent the person’s purpose.

When used and modified by people, mlem has become a trend on social networks to show your enjoyment with delicious food or someone’s cuteness. This can also be understood as a compliment to someone because they are lovely and beautiful.

When did the Mlem mlem trend appear in Vietnam?

Originally, Mlem mlem was used to refer to the sound of using tongue licking food/pets, mlem mlem is a morphological term describing the sounds of animals (dogs, cats) when they use their tongues to lick food, drink water…

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In fact, mlem mlem appeared for the first time in 2015 when a clip of a cute cat posted on MXH appeared. However, the word mlem mlem is really popular in 2020 so young people can find the above cute clips and enjoy the sound and the music playing all the time.

Even the trend of mlem mlem is also used by artists who catch the trend to set the title of the song. After that, this hit song quickly emerged and attracted everyone’s curiosity about the term of this young people.

áⲥh useɡ the word mlem mlem so that it is correct

Since the time it appeared and became a popular word on social networks, people using the word mlem mlem has become very popular and in many different cases. However, the use of this word should also be moderated, using the right context for fun with friends instead of using it to comment on others. Specifically, read how to use the word mlem mlem in the right context below!

Use mlem mlem when the food is delicious

What is mlem mlem 2

It can be said, using the word mlem mlem to compliment delicious food is one of the ways to use the right context, to show your enjoyment in delicious food.

At the same time, if you use personal comments on the picture of someone’s food, it also means that you are complimenting the delicious food. Therefore, he will feel happy, increase sympathy with you in ordinary communication. However, you also need to note that you should only use this form of word for your close friends, young friends… It is not wise to use this word to compliment your parents’ dishes because most of them don’t understand the meaning. will even think that you are rude.

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Mlem mlem when I see other people’s attractive drawings

What is mlem mlem 3

Currently, mlem mlem is also used by young people a lot when they admire the beauty and cuteness of others. This is also a tacit compliment that close friends often use to compliment their friends.

For example, you will not find it difficult to receive comments such as “hey you are looking at me” or mlem with the same icon, GIF expressing interest, regardless of the beautiful image. Yes, it is one of the methods of using the word mlem that is popularly used by young people now on social networks and also in real life.

Avoid using mlem mlem h

Besides the meaning of praising the beautiful and cheerful father, the current young people also tend to use the word mlem to be somewhat deformed, making it become vulgar, showing their rudeness.

Specifically, a part of the young people used this word to express their covetousness or desire to possess attractive and beautiful girls. For example, the word mlem has been transformed into “mlchi” to make others feel comfortable, angry and uncomfortable.

In general, we only use the word mlem to joke, exchange with friends of the same age, but not use it anytime, anywhere and in any case because with a certain person, this word is not used. indecent connotation, showing that the other person does not respect them

Emerging trends similar to mlem mlem

Besides the trend of mlem mlem, which is enjoyed by many young people when using it, there are many outstanding trends on social media that are used by young people as a means of discriminating in the country. Specifically, let’s Invert check out some of the outstanding trends below!

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Hot trend “Fried eggs need fat, corn needs butter, love needs an excuse, need … muscle”. Trend “starting new” Trend “ cloud zing, the top of you” Trend “Triem mat is new”. Trend “Fall up, faint down”

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Hopefully, the above article has provided all of you with full information related to the hot trend – the phrase “mlem” appears a lot among the young. Not only Mlem, but also countless other trends and phrases used by young people to create a new trend. However, in order to always be civilized and polite people in your words, learn how to use this phrase in the right context, avoid using it casually, do not commit crimes, avoid causing discomfort, understand wrong people.

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