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This is one of the great works of Han Mac Tu, let’s find out the background of the work and summarize the work through the article below.

1. Author Han Mac Tu:

1.1. Short story of poet Han Mac Tu:

Han Mac Tu (1912 – 1940) was born Nguyen Trong Tri, born in Le My village, Vo Xa canton, Phong Loc district, Dong Hoi province (now Quang Binh province) into a family of poor religious officials. . God.

Han Mac Tu has a weak physique, a gentle and simple temperament, is eager to learn and likes to make friends in the field of literature and poetry. Because his father, Mr. Nguyen Van Toan, worked as an interpreter and scribe, and often traveled to many places and worked hard, Han Mac Tu also attended many different schools such as Sa Ky (1920), Quy Nhon, and Bong Son. (1920). 1921–1923), Pellerin Hue (1926).

Han Mac Tu wrote letters very early (14, 15 years old) with many different pseudonyms such as Minh Due Thi, Phong Tran, Le Thanh …

1.2. Songwriting career of Han Mac Tu:

Despite his tragic life, Han Mac Tu is one of the most intelligent poets in the New Poetry movement. He started writing letters from the age of 14 or 15, then switched to composing in the direction of romantic new poetry.

Through the very complicated appearance of Han Mac Tu, one can still clearly see a painful love for earthly life. Regardless of the penchant of writing, Han Mac Tu’s poetry is still pure, shimmering, fanciful, fanciful, and has a magical attraction to those who love Han Mac Tu’s poetry.

Globally, Han Mac Tu’s poetry is divided into two opposing blocks:

– The poem is crazy and fanciful with two main images, the soul and the moon.

-The lyrics are innocent, pure, the image is clear and beautiful.

2. The birth situation of Vi Da village here:

This Vi Da village was originally called This Vi Da village, which was composed in 1938 in the collection of poems Dien (later changed to Doloro).

The poem is inspired by Han Mac Tu’s unrequited love with a Hue girl: While working at Dac Dien department (Quy Nhon province), he fell in love with a girl named Hoang Cuc, a girl who seemed potential beauty. fancy, real. However, because of his shy and timid nature, Mac Tu only dared to look at the girl from afar and that unrequited love gradually faded when Hoang Cuc followed his father to Vi Da village (Hue). When he learned that Mac Tu loved him and learned that Han Mac Tu was seriously ill at that time, his cousin and friend of the poet Han – Hoang Tung Ngam wrote a letter asking Hoang Cuc to write a letter of encouragement to Han Mac Tu. Instead of writing a simple congratulatory letter, Hoang Cuc attached a postcard with a picture of Vi Da’s natural landscape. It was from the photo and the passionate love with the girl from Hue that aroused emotions and became the inspiration for Han Mac Tu to write the poem Here in Em Da village.

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3. Project in You Da village:

Title meaning: The title of the work is This Vi Da village, not This Vi Da village because Han Mac Tu wants the reader to be attentive to see the meaning of this word. It is like an introduction to readers about the beautiful and poetic Vi Da land. From here, it is also shown that the poet puts his hand on his chest and calls out dear voices: Vi Da, Vi Da in Hue, Vi Da is still “still here”, in Han Mac Tu’s heart. This Vi Da village has become a regret and nostalgia in the author’s heart.

Layout: 3 parts

– Part 1 (verse 1): Your garden at dawn in the poet’s mind.

– Part 2 (Verse 2): Hue river scene in the moonlit night and poetic mood.

-Part 3 (Verse 3): Shadows of long-distance travelers with dreams and doubts.

Content value:

– The image of Vi Da landscape beside the peaceful and poetic Perfume River is imagined in the imagination of expatriates who come to Hue with so much love and longing.

– The stanza is the mood, presenting the single sadness of the poet in a distant, hopeless love. In addition, it is also the poet’s earnest heart with nature, life and people.

Artistic value:

– Rich imagination.

– The art of comparison, personification, rhetoric, using rhetorical questions.

– Intelligent images, with the interweaving between real and virtual.

The poetic style is both realistic, symbolic, romantic, and lyrical in harmony.

4. Make an outline Analyzing the poem Here in Vi Da village:

Introduction: introduce the author, write

Post body:

First stanza:

“Why don’t you come and play in Vi village?”: The question revives the nostalgia of Vi village in the poetic soul of Han Mac Tu.

Early morning scene in Vi village: The sun has just risen, the sun is shining, the areca trees are high on the roof, trees.

“Garden as green as jade”: Vi Da Garden is luxuriously wrapped, attached to a beautiful house according to a strict aesthetic structure.

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“Bamboo leaves cover the whole face”. Calling renewal should not be taken literally, even though it comes from the truth: flashing behind the pretty hedges, bamboo groves, discreet, gentle and cowardly shadows.

Second stanza:

“The evening wind blows the clouds / The water is sad and the cornflowers move”: the wind blows very lightly, not enough to make the clouds fly, not enough to make the water move, but the wind still gently shakes the flowers to transport.

“Whose boat docks at the moon river / Does it bring the moon back?”: Only in a dream is the river “moon river” and the boat will “bring the moon back” like tourists on the Perfume River. The image of a boat carrying the moon is nothing new, but the “moon river” is probably Han Mac Tu’s.

Third stanza:

“Dream of a visitor, a visitor from afar / My shirt is white and I can’t see it”: Confused because “the customer is far away” and “can’t see” but it’s real because “my shirt is too white”. The picture is so close but so far away. Far, not only the distance of space, but also the distance of time, and love is also far – because the past is still attached, not promising. Therefore “know who is rich?”.

“Who” is you or me? Probably both. Between the two (Han Mac Tu and the girl but the poet once secretly loved) is the “smoke” of space, of time, of unpromised love, how can property be known? The lyrics lament, are vain and evoke a painful sadness.

Finish; re-appraisal of content value and artistic value.

5. Summary of the work Here Vi Da Village:

5.1. Sample essay number 1 – Summarize the best paragraph of this work Thon Vi Da:

The poem opens with a good question, an invitation to return to Vi village. Your village appears with beautiful nature People appear honest and lovely. Scenes and people create a harmonious and poetic image of Vi village. The two essences appear in separation. Nature contributes to the expression of the poet’s mood, hidden behind it is the desire to live and be human.

5.2. Sample essay 2 – Summary of the most impressive passage Here Thon Vi Da:

The poem opens with a good question, an invitation to return to Vi village. Your village appears before the beautiful nature of a new day with the sun on the areca trees, the rising sun and the garden as green as jade. The person who appears with a face filled with letters presents honest and likable qualities. Scenes and people blend to create a harmonious and poetic picture of Vi village. The two qualities appear clearly, individually and separately through the images of wind, clouds, water, boat, and moon. Nature contributes to the expression of the poet’s anxiety. The last paragraph is a state of skepticism about human emotions, hidden behind the desire to live and the desire to be human.

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5.3. Sample essay number 3 – Summary of the most brilliant work Here in Vi Da village:

All hopelessness brings people pessimism, with hopeless love Han Mac Tu has taught us extremely noble human values. Poets with love cling to this life, even if it is a hopeless love. We do not have a difficult situation like Han Mac Tu, so we need to know how to live with kindness in a beautiful life worth living in this world.

5.4. Sample lesson 4 – Summary of the most typical works here: Here is Vi Da village:

The poem “This is Vi Da village” is a poem expressing the hopeless but passionate love of life by poet Han Mac Tu. Referring to Hue, we can’t forget the poem This is Vi Da village and mentioning Han Mac Tu we can’t forget the beauty of Hue, especially the beauty of Vi village in the poem going through life. Dear friend, Hue is beautiful, Hue is poetic, I would like to borrow four lines of Thu Bon’s poem instead of the conclusion to Hue lover and poet Han Mac Tu.

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