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Learning is the process of acquiring and absorbing knowledge in all areas of life. Studying diligently from an early age is very important. So invite 8th grade students to refer to some sample essays to convince you to study hard to study better in Literature 8.

1. The shortest outline to convince you to study diligently:

one. Opening:

Learning in everyone’s life is very important. It must be done at a young age and throughout life. Recently, some of my classmates have been a bit distracted in their studies.

b. Post body:


– Knowledge gained from learning is both the acquisition of knowledge under the guidance of teachers and the acquisition from practice.

– Human knowledge is vast, as vast as the ocean, but each of us’s understanding is like a drop of water.


– Tran Minh has a bunch of bananas (find Tran Minh’s lines and example to see that despite being poor, he still studied and passed poinsettias)

– A mirror today: the example of Uncle Ho.

– Learning helps people overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles: Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky is paralyzed in both hands, learning to write with his feet…

c. Finish:

Advise you not to neglect your studies, but to learn from a young age. Only when you grow up can you do useful things, do great things.

2. Make the most specific outline to convince you to study diligently:

one. Opening:

Introduction: An introduction to why you should convince your friends to study hard.

Studying diligently is very important.

Diligent study at a young age is the foundation for the future.

b. Post body:

Convince yourself to study diligently:

– What is the learning concept?

– Explain why it is necessary to study diligently at a young age: good memorization when there are convenient study and research conditions.

– Setting an example to overcome difficulties: Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ki; status quo Mac Dinh Chi…

c. Finish:

Affirm the problem.

3. Dissertation essay to convince you to study hard:

Strive to learn from a young age, if you don’t learn, you won’t be able to do anything when you grow up. Learning requires determination, the determination of a person who is willing to give up his whole life to learn and follow it. Learning is not easy, but it is necessary in life and improves our skills. Learning is very important for everyone. And so learning requires diligence and effort.

People need knowledge. If you want knowledge, you must learn. Learning is very necessary, we must strive to study and practice. It’s never too late to learn, go back and face the challenges of learning. Even if you have many failures, do not be discouraged because “failure is the mother of success”. Study diligently, diligently, if you want to study well, you need not only to be diligent but also to have determination and will to rise. In life, there have been many bright examples like teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky, a disabled person who is paralyzed in both hands, but thanks to his courage, suffering and hard work, he overcame and became a good teacher. . She is a teacher, but we respect and admire her, who writes good and useful lessons day and night. Or the mirror Hoa Xuan Tu lost both hands because he accidentally put both hands on a reed roll. But he still strives to study and has graduated from high school. These are great examples of overcoming adversity. They show us that they are flawed but nothing stops them from learning. They are still useful people for the river.

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Learning is very important for everyone. Learning from a young age, if you don’t learn, it will be difficult to do anything when you grow up. When I was young, my mind was still clear, lucid, still growing, able to absorb a lot of information, but when I grew up, it was more difficult to absorb, when I struggled to learn, it was too late. Thanks to their intelligence and rich knowledge, many people have invented machines that contribute to the advancement of all fields of science and technology. Lenin once said: “Study, learn more, study forever”. That’s the truth. Living in this world, everyone needs knowledge and needs to learn. From old to young, from classical to modern, learning must constantly grow and progress. Because of ignorance, ignorance leads people astray; making myself unable to access advanced technology, unable to connect with people; make themselves useless, exclude themselves from society. Currently, especially in urban areas, there is a phenomenon of many young people leaving home, racing to rob, forming gangs, and drug addicts. Refusing to learn, plunge into useless, even illegal games, they themselves have closed the door to their future.

Studying is very important in everyone’s life, studying diligently at a young age is very important because it is a solid foundation, when we grow up we rely on the knowledge we have learned to stay firmly on the path of life. life. Once again, I hope you all strive to study well, grow the country, and eliminate the poverty and old-fashioned situation that still exists in our country.

4. Essay convincing you to study hard – Sample essay 2:

Each of us has our own dream, everyone wants to grow up to be able to do useful things for themselves and for society. To achieve our dreams, we must learn and practice all the skills necessary to succeed. However, now some of you are neglecting your studies, only dreaming but not striving to achieve your dreams. They are still very young, if they don’t study hard, they won’t be able to do anything useful when they grow up.

An increasingly advanced and modern life needs talented and capable people. Whatever your profession, physician, engineer, teacher or even craftsman, janitor or farmer, there must be knowledge. You should not think that a farmer who only knows how to plow and weed, or a laborer who only knows how to carry and work hard, can survive. If you are ignorant, you will be dependent on others, life will push you and you will not be able to find what you want. As a result, you will always find yourself being treated unfairly and living in misery.

History shows that knowledgeable people are always respected and highly appraised. They are people who do a lot of great things for society. In the past, there were heroes who led the nation to fight off foreign invaders such as Ly Thuong Kiet, Tran Hung Dao, Nguyen Hue… They all studied hard when they were young, grew up with knowledge and talent to do great things. great things for children and grandchildren to remember forever… Or today, only hard-working students who later study well can invent for humanity and do great things for life. If you read the biographies of similar people, you will understand that they were all diligent students from an early age.

We used to live in a feudal society, and we did not pay attention to investing in education, and did not focus on increasing people’s intellectual level, so the majority of people also lacked knowledge. The river is therefore poor and outdated. The poor have to bear the consequences of life and the domination and exploitation of society, they only know how to lament their fate but do not know how to get out of this long fate. Especially women, they are not educated, so they cannot avoid being oppressed and trampled on. Only women who are awake, aware of their identity and life can find the right path. Before that, the two Trung sisters had raised the flag of the victorious uprising. Despite pressure from society, Ho Xuan Huong is aware of her identity. They can do these things because they have knowledge. So if you want to live the life that you want, you must have knowledge. But if you want to have knowledge, you have to learn while there is still time.

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Maybe your green age was giddy because it thought it was more than learning. Do you think that playing computer games, going out with friends… are the most enjoyable things because they bring you more fun and excitement than sitting at your desk with a bunch of gear and books. tasteless? But don’t just see the benefits and pleasures in front of you, but forget about the dreams and goals waiting for you to fulfill. If you don’t study, you will quickly create a huge knowledge gap that is difficult to fill. You get tired of learning quickly. This is very dangerous for your future. Maybe the green age is still long, but the time does not come back, you can’t do today’s work when that day is over. Life is short, if you don’t study, you won’t have the opportunity to learn later.

So we have to study, learn to make our dreams come true. Be prepared to sacrifice pleasures that are not conducive to learning. Only by studying can we grow up to do useful things for ourselves, our families and the society in the future. It’s not too late, anything is possible, let’s learn and we will do what we want!

5. An argumentative essay that convinces you to study hard – Sample essay 3:

In today’s reality, we see many friends still busy playing, skipping school to play video games, refusing to do homework at home. Not only that, students also have an unstable learning attitude, not self-discipline, many children consider studying a difficult task assigned by their parents, so they study hard. It can be said that it is worth considering because neglecting your studies will have a huge impact on your future.

As we all know, everyone is born and raised with the desire to do something useful for themselves, their family and society. However, this requires everyone to have knowledge, and this is an area where everyone has to work to learn. And learning is a cumulative process over a long period of time and systematically from low to high, from easy to difficult. To do this well, students have to learn a lot right from the first years of school, because the lower class is always the original knowledge, the basic knowledge. If you do not understand the basics, the more you learn, the less you understand the lesson, learning is often likened to a tree without roots. And learning period can be the whole life of each person, but studying in school only has a certain period of time to acquire basic knowledge, suitable for all generations. That’s why many people later grow up without a job, because before they were too busy playing, they didn’t want to study, now they want to go back to school, they’re old but they don’t dare. go back to school So, if you don’t study seriously, many young people will regret it later.

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To do this, you must also pay attention to learn authentic words from high school to avoid empty knowledge. Because if your knowledge is empty, you will not be able to grasp the next lessons, thereby giving birth to the psychology of learning boredom, because the more you learn, the more you do not understand and it is easy to stop at any time. . Every day we meet a lot of people who have to do manual labor day and night, life is still difficult, but if you think about the root cause, it’s because they don’t have enough scientific knowledge. And if you want to study well, first of all, in class, you have to listen attentively to the teacher’s lecture, go home to read the old lesson, do the exercises, be ready for the next lesson, and above all, strive to concentrate. Learning from your own ideas brings high results because smart learning helps us remember for a long time and promote our own intelligence in each person. Accumulating knowledge is a long and arduous process, as long as we take the time to think and study hard, we will surely have a lot of knowledge after we finish studying. . People often say that genius is 99% due to hard work and only 1% is born intelligent. So anyone can become a genius if they really strive to learn, of course that diligence requires science and intelligence. And if you just try to memorize what the teacher teaches in a mechanical and passive way, then learning is like a parrot learning to talk.

From there, you can decide for yourself whether your future is bright or not. The only door to a bright future is knowledge. Knowledge helps people understand the world, understand science, about people… And it is also the basic knowledge for us to work. If you do not study, you are not qualified to understand the world, the world authentically and scientifically. And knowledge can only come to those who study diligently. This is the luggage, the most precious capital for us to study and work in the next steps.

Each of us, the future owners of the mountains, students, students must have the knowledge to build a solid future for themselves, and this is the only way for them to do well.

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