6 Cách dạy ngữ pháp tiếng Anh cho học sinh tiểu học thông minh

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How to teach English grammar to elementary students Effectiveness will no longer be about giving structure, then forcing children to learn and memorize it in a dry, boring way.

With children, parents and teachers need to apply flexible and scientific learning methods. Thereby, children learn English grammar in a new and more interesting approach. Let’s find out more about this with Trường THCS – THPT Âu Lạc in the article below!

Why is it important to teach English grammar to elementary students?

English grammar plays an important role in children’s foreign language learning process. Why is that, is it okay to learn English just by listening and speaking as long as you understand each other?

This is the wrong thinking, which makes many people, even though they are very bold in communicating in English, still have a strong accent. Even when it is necessary to rewrite it, it falls into a state of impolite style.

So from the very beginning, you should orient children to learn grammar well. It is the backbone that helps sentences run smoothly. From there, it effectively supports children to acquire and expand standard communication vocabulary.

In addition, if children are trained in grammar from an early age, children will have a foundation for development that connects other skills. Specifically like:

  • Listening skills: When practicing listening from standard English speaking channels, children learn the correct expressions faster.

  • With speaking skills, children need to rely more on grammar. The goal is to create sentences that accurately and completely express your own ideas.

  • About reading skills: When children read a certain passage, apply their knowledge of grammar to properly understand the author’s intention.

  • Writing skills – this is the part that requires a lot of grammar. In particular, it requires high accuracy.

Therefore, teaching grammar to elementary students is very important. Children easily grasp all communication situations.

6 Ways to teach English grammar to elementary students

Grammar is the rules of using a language, very normative. Learning grammar with adults has not been easy. For primary school children in grades 1 and 2, just getting used to the face is a hundred times more difficult.

So what is the solution to the above problem? Here are 6 ways to teach English grammar to elementary students. The method is extremely flexible, more efficient than the traditional one.

Help elementary students master basic English grammar knowledge

At the primary màn chơi, children are just entering the introductory lessons of English. Therefore, grammatical knowledge that is too academic and sublime is really unnecessary. What you need most right now are practical structures that are easy to apply in everyday life.

Therefore, to learn grammar well, you need to focus on the following topics:

  • Learn the tenses: In which, there are 4 tenses, please master: Present simple, present continuous, simple past, simple future. This is the most important basic knowledge in English. From the very beginning, if children do not understand and are confused about how to use it, learning more advanced knowledge will be difficult.

  • Regarding words, At the elementary màn chơi, children only need to recognize a few basic words. Specifically, there are three main categories: nouns, verbs and adjectives. With only these 3 types of words, children can create a complete sentence in English.

  • Introductory Sentences, comparative and superlative, adjunct sentences are suitable for elementary school curriculum. These are the basic and common sentence structures that are most common with children. Example: This is my friend

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If parents want their children to confidently communicate effectively every day, help them master this knowledge. Absolutely avoid sabotage, impatiently forcing children into too much knowledge, parents!

Teach English grammar through fun games

English grammar is always a difficult knowledge to remember for adults, not just children. With dozens of structures to memorize, children often have difficulty with this content.

Good and useful English grammar learning games.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

To help children, you can apply the method of teaching elementary English grammar through games. Specifically, the form of organization organized into many attractive games with grammatical content.

Through this, children easily understand how to use the structure, tense, type of word. In addition, the children also have the opportunity to practice grammar regularly, without causing boredom.

Some hint game applied by parents and teachers, the first is Would You Rather. Adults at this time will help children practice the conditional question “Would you…?”. Students pair up and discuss hypothetical situations, for example Would you rather get bit by a spider or by a bat?,…

There’s also the Nóng Potato game, inspired by holding a nóng potato. You have to pass it on quickly to other people so you don’t get burned. The teacher gives the topic of the sentence in the present continuous with the subject being “She”.

The student who receives the first potato will say “She is cooking”. Then switch to the second person and say “She is walking”. Continue like this until you find the person who can’t give an answer.

Learn English grammar through English movies/videos

Have you heard of the method of teaching English grammar to elementary students through movies/Videos yet? If the answer is no, don’t hesitate to learn about this method soon.

Children who learn English grammar through movies/videos will progress quickly.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

The visualization of movies becomes a very useful foreign language teaching tool. It provides viewers with authentic and diverse languages. Through this, grammar learners know what to say appropriately in the actual context.

For example, when children see the expression of emotions on the actor’s face and listen to the lines. The children then know which words and phrases to use to communicate in real life.

Gradually, learning English grammar will follow a long-lasting, natural reflex. It is different from the traditional way, you have to remember the structure, practice making sentences rigidly.

With this method of teaching English grammar, you can refer to some movies. For example: Doki, Martha Speaks, Charlie and Chocolate Factory, Lion King,… All are animated films for elementary students.

Know how to apply grammar in speaking English

In English textbooks, each grammar lesson provides practice exercises. However, this method is not yet useful because the teacher only allows the children to share their shoulders and read along with books.

Adults encourage children to communicate in English to practice grammar regularly.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

When facing situations in real life, without a book, children cannot say anything. Simply put, I don’t know how to apply what I’ve learned to practical speaking. A sad reality with traditional teaching methods, running according to the current program.

The way to solve this situation is to let children practice writing, combined with speaking and speaking as much as possible. Specifically, through each lesson, with new grammar structure and vocabulary, you let your child compose his own paragraph.

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Writing so often, children flexibly take the initiative to make full use of sentence patterns and structures. It also helps children improve their vocabulary. Finally, you encourage your child to retell the passage in front of parents, friends, etc.

On the other hand, if you are proactive about your time, let your child go to age-appropriate English clubs. Or participate in extracurricular trips, an environment for children to speak English with friends and foreigners.

In short, in teaching English grammar to primary school students, you should create opportunities for children to use grammar. If you do not encourage your child to do this, learning is meaningless.

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Searching for appropriate grammar support materials for students

Nowadays, learning English is becoming more and more convenient. Children can easily access this language through books, Apps, Youtube videos, etc. However, not all documents you can apply for children to learn right away.

Children learn grammar effectively with <b>Trường THCS – THPT Âu Lạc</b> Stories.  (Photo: Internet Collection)” ></p><p dir=Simply because the curriculum, no matter how good and useful, if it is not suitable for the ability, it will backfire. The children fell into a state of rambling, wasting time. In the long run, interest in English is gone.

Therefore, the method of teaching English grammar to elementary students through documents should be selected correctly. Specifically suitable for the age, ability and current màn chơi of the child. Or topics you feel like.

In addition, parents can choose the type of English curriculum that follows the school curriculum. Children learn quickly and at the same time cultivate many different contexts to use that grammatical structure.

An interesting suggestion for you to do the above is App Trường THCS – THPT Âu Lạc Stories and Trường THCS – THPT Âu Lạc Junior. The vocabulary children learn at Trường THCS – THPT Âu Lạc Junior will be connected to different sentences and contexts in Trường THCS – THPT Âu Lạc Stories. From there, children will naturally absorb the rules of grammar, they will put words together into complete phrases and sentences.

Build the habit of learning English grammar effectively

For children, it is necessary to build the habit of learning English science early.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

A foreign language is something that is easily lost and forgotten quickly if it is not fostered and practiced regularly. Therefore, learners need to form good study habits. Specifically, you must pay attention and constantly remind yourself to take it seriously.

Once you do, you will not have to struggle psychologically, spend a lot of time to load knowledge. Since then, learning English grammar is always in the most comfortable and receptive mood.

With children, too, adults should orient them to build standard learning methods. Specifically, it is necessary to form the habit of taking notes, reviewing and practicing.

Learning new words and grammar is inevitable after each lesson. Therefore, children should write them down in a logical and easy to remember way.

The most effective note-taking methods you can introduce to your child include: Word cards, mind maps, and tables. The children must note the word according to the form of the word, the usage accompanying the learned grammar.

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In addition, before starting a new lesson, instruct your child to review old lessons and notes. Then, let the child write down what he or she remembers. Iterative process, the child will grasp all the knowledge according to the original goal.

However, the way to learn English grammar does not stop at taking notes and reviewing. You need to take the initiative to improve your communication. Specifically, do not hesitate to speak, speak as much as possible, speak to correct mistakes and to reflect more naturally.

Notes when teaching English grammar to elementary students

Motivating young children to learn English grammar is not easy. The story of teaching children to learn based on the memorization method is gradually becoming obsolete and coming to a standstill.

Simply because the more you force me to remember, the more confused I am, learning today forget tomorrow, ineffective. Some children even feel depressed, losing the joy of learning this second language.

Therefore, when teaching grammar to children, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Ask the child to practice a lot by listening and repeating what the adults say.

  • Teach sentence patterns, simple grammar structures, absolutely do not use difficult words and sentences.

  • During the learning process, regularly give examples, show videos. Note that at primary school age students must meet the criteria of simplicity, closeness and easy to remember.

  • Most especially, we adults must always remember that Vietnamese children are not native speakers. Learning grammar takes a lot of time, so don’t be discouraged with your children.

  • In addition, try to teach children with a full energy to accompany them to encourage them

In short, learning grammar is a long process, but it’s not difficult. Therefore, there is no reason why children should not feel happy while learning. Even the children find this journey interesting with How to learn English grammar for elementary students as above. If you have any other great ideas, feel không lấy phí to share them with Trường THCS – THPT Âu Lạc!

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